Sizemore No. 1

App. No. _____

HENRY A HOLLAND, being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

My name is Henry A. Holland: I reside at Pilot Mt.: I am 65 years of age. I have lived in this county three years. Before that, I lived in Stokes Co., about 9 miles south of the court house, Danbury. I had lived there all my life up to that time.  I knew the Sizemores living over there. I knew old Dr. Gourd, whose original name was Sizemore-- Old Johnny. I expect he was 40 or 50 years old when I first recollect. He probably might have been an older man than that; he was a good old man.   I recollect Jos. Sizemore over there; he was not far from the same age as the old Dr., from his general appearance. I think they were brothers, if I am not mistaken; that is my general understanding. I don't hardly think he could have been a nephew of Dr. Johnny.   I have talked to Dr. Johnny very little. I was just a small boy. I never talked with Jos. Sizemore, except just speak as I passed.   I never heard Dr. Johnny state where he was born; never heard where he was born, that I recollect. The same is true as regards Jos. Sizemore.   I never heard either of them say that they were Indians. I did not know their parents. I don't think that I ever heard them say that they were Indians: I heard that they were kin to them. I never heard either of them say that they were kin to the Indians. I don't know as I could call to mind any one person say that, but it was the general talk that Dr. Gourd was mixed with Indians. When I was a boy and that talk was going on, I don't remember hearing it said to what Indians they were kin.   There were no bands of Indians living in Stokes Co. in my lifetime, as Indians. I have heard of a few Indians passing through there; I don't know from what points they were passing through there. I have heard that the Indians would stop at Dr. Johnny Gourd's place; I don't know that of myself.   I have heard Ned Sizemore spoken of, but I did not know him.   I never heard them spoken of as Cherokees.   I am not a claimant myself; I was asked to come here by Mr. Whittaker, as agent for Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood.

(Signed) Henry A. Holland

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me at Pilot Mountain, N. C., this 20th day of March, 1908.

Special Commissioner of the
Court of Claims      

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