No. 8510

Rev. Noah M. Blevins being first duly sworn deposes and swears: I live in Washington County, Va. and have lived there about four years. I was born and raised in Grayson County, Va., and lived there until I moved to Washington County. I am 54 years of age. I am a minister of the Gospel.

According to the testimony of people before me, I claim Indian blood through my father, Allen Blevins. My father is now living over in the edge of Ashe County, N. C. and is 70 odd years of age. He was born in Grayson County, Va., I think, and lived there until about ten years ago. His Indian blood came through his father, Wells Blevins. I have seen Wells Blevins, and remember him, although I was not quite grown when he died.   He lived in Grayson County about 2 miles west of Park. I expect that he was born in Ashe County, N. C. Wells Blevins was the son of Lydia Blevins, the daughter of Old Ned Sizemore.

Before I knew anything about it, for our little misdemeaners as children, we were called Indians, and since then we have found out that we were connected with the Sizemores by blood.

I never heard where Old Ned Sizemore lived nor have I heard much about his children. I think I have heard it said that there was a young Ned and an Old Ned. It was said that the old gentleman lived down in Ashe County. I do not think my father ever received any money from the Government on account of his Indian blood.   I applied for right in the Indian Territory under the Dawes Commission, and, before that, in 1888 I applied for land in the Indian Territory, but it fell through.     I never applied before that, and that was the first time my Sizemore relationship was made known for a fact.

My father never visited the Indians that I know of, nor have I ever heard that they visited them.   My father applied for Indian Territory rights at the same time I did. I do not think my father ever applied for anything else before this- that is the Indian Territory matter. I have heard my father speak of his Indian blood sometimes, but it never made much impression.   I have heard him speak of a preacher Sizemore. I never heard him call his name.

My grandfather, Wells Blevins, was somewhere between 75 and 80, as I remember him, at the time of his death.

My wife, Catharine Blevins, (#8497) is an applicant for a share in this fund. Her grandmother, Catharine Colwell, lived in Grayson County, Va.

I have always been regarded as a White man in my neighborhood, and have always voted. The same thing applies to my father, Allen Blevins, so far as I know.

  N. M. Blevins

Subscribed and sworn to before me at Marion, Va., this 11th day of April, 1908.

J Edward Tylor
Assistant to Special Commiss-
ioner Court of Claims       

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